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Resistance Training
"Is there a difference between weight training and resistance training, and why should I do either, when all I want to do is shed some pounds?" Weight training is one way to accomplish resistance training. There are also other methods of causing resistance to your muscles such as gravity, hydraulic or elastic resistance. However weight training is a preferred method of increasing muscle density.

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Cardiovascular Fitness
"What's the difference between cardiovascular and aerobic exercise, and which one should I be doing?" Aerobic exercise has a cardiovascular component, but not all cardiovascular exercise is aerobic. Aerobic literally means with oxygen.

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Nutritional Information
"I am interested in the Atkins diet, but can I really eat all of those high fat foods and still lose weight?" There is a growing group of evidence that says low carb diets may be more effective in weight loss than low fat diets. However low carb does not have to mean high fat.

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